Hi, my name is Emer Kurbegovic and this is my new site.

Thank you for visiting my new site and thank your for understanding while I am setting everything up and adding content. I am working on getting it done as quickly as possible :)

About Me

I am an experienced Software Engineering leader, driven to succeed in delivering complex software solutions. Proven expertise in leading mission-critical enterprise solutions that exceed customer expectations.

I’ve worked in software engineering for my entire 20+ year career. I have a passion for identifying and providing creative software solutions using analytical and out-of-box thinking. I do enjoy building, leading and being a part of high performing and innovative teams. Last couple of years my focus has shifted to include infrastructure and application reliability on multi cloud platforms.


- 15+ years of technical leadership experience, with 8+ years of experience building and managing teams

- Agile and Waterfall methodologies

- Solution Architecture

- Passion for problem solving and innovating

- Managed Cloud Services / Cloud Computing

- Full life-cycle software development

- Experience in SOA and Microservice architecture

Some of the technologies I work with include Sitecore, SOA, Microservices, Cloud Computing, .NET Core, SQL, Azure, AWS, NodeJS, Python, Kubernetes, Docker, Javascript, MVC, DevOps, RESTful API, Machine Learning, Event Streaming, Event Sourcing, CQRS and many more.

Random Thoughts

What is the secret in being part of successful, high performing teams? In a nutshell, hire smart, passionate people and put them in position to succeed. Surround yourself with people smarter than you and learn something new every day! Grow as a team and grow as an individual. Create and nurture innovative and inclusive culture.